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भरोसा खुद पर रखो तो ताकत का एहसास कराता है यदि उसी भरोसे को आप दूसरों पर रखो तो कमजोरी बन जाता है। इसी पर आधारित आज की हमारी कहानी Cyber Security से पास मृत्युंजय सिंह की जिन्होंने लोगों को दिखा दिया कि अगर इंटरेस्ट और करने की चाह होती है। तो कुछ भी नामुमकिन नहीं है। ऐसी ही सोच रखने वाले मृत्युंजय सिंह ने अपनी सक्सेसफुल जॉब को छोड़कर उस फील्ड में कदम रखा जिसका […]

A cab pulled over at Times Square as a sprightly young passenger got down to walk into a popular pub. The idea of having booze with a couple of good friends gave him nimble feet. But a casual look around the place slowed down his zippy pace and soon, the frolic mutated into a lumber. There was a lot of joust and honking sounds that demanded and distracted a seeker’s attention. Yet, his eyes were […]

India Khel is a mobile application (play store launched, IOS coming up) and website where people with similar sports interest can find a sports buddy to play their favorite sports. Today’s younger generation and upcoming generation is more inclined towards social media and addition to health hazards. Social media addiction has started affecting the health of the children. Moreover, office goers and business owners also have forgotten the joy and health benefits of playing on […]

wedding at shaadimagic

In a country like ours, where weddings are occasions where not just couple unites but families and relatives reunite as well. In India, wedding is a big affair where more than money, efforts are invested. And here, ShaadiMagic comes in the scene planning your wedding for free minimizing your efforts, cost and time. Its FREE? Yes, you might not believe your eyes the moment you read the title. In today’s fast pacing world, when even water […]

​Either you win by running fast or wait for right opportunity. For Pooja Shekhawat age (31), who belongs to Jhajhu,  a village near Bikaner(Rajasthan). It was not the case as she was always being a multitasking person who indulge in creating her own way, running on it and then making opportunity to fall in right place. Always enthusiastic to take up new challenges from childhood. She had gone all out with many failures and didn’t […]

What is the difference between college and school, a 12th year class kid, inquisitive to see that kind of lifestyle asked me? I just said a word “EXPOSURE”. Hi! I am Suyash Jain, student of BBA Retail management from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Dehradun. Every student cannot be judged on a single parameter. Every kid is born with its own area of interest and talent. We cannot judge them on a standard parameter, […]

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