The Story Of ‘360-Degree Digital Marketing’ By Vikas Mishra

Becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t that difficult, all you need is to dream with open eyes and have a clear vision and courage to make that dream come true with dedication, hard work, and team spirit.

I was quite disappointed when I was not able to crack  IIT-jee examination even after two years preparation from Kota Rajasthan, but the best part was I never gave up after these failures.In fact, each failure taught me a lesson and motivated me to keep going and helped me out to know my actual worth and talent.

During graduation I even started earning from teaching, Internship, part-time jobs and at that time I found my hidden interest towards marketing and digitization and that was a turning point in my life as I discovered my dream of life and that gave me a direction to start working on the same.

After my research on the Indian market, I found that we don’t have strong brand value for our products as compare to foreign brands, and this is due to lack of promotion, branding, and marketing. So, I prepared a service model through which we can do branding, Promotion and online marketing for any business.

With no money in my pocket but a dream in my eyes, own I started c company, and I strongly believe that one day the world will come to know us not only by name but also by our smart work.

Digital Marketing in the Digital Age

360 ° Digital marketing an online marketing firm, ambiance where we have combined advanced technology with our innovative brains to deliver our clients with the best quality of digital solutions for proper marketing of their brands and products. Our aim is to provide our customers ambiance and strategies where they can reach the targeted audience with least cost but long lasting results and conversion figures.We are well known to the diverse industries and immense varieties of products and services in India, and we are all set to help them all simultaneously to improve their web presence, optimize websites for better search results and generate maximum sales through marketing campaigns.

Our in-house services includes:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Web Design & Development, Paid Marketing etc


In modern generation, where we dream of Digital India, all you need is a partner who can help you to take advantage of marketing opportunities across a variety of channels in real-time world. 360 ° Digital Marketing combines a data-driven approach with knowledge gained after years of experience in digital marketing to bring desired output to our valuable clients.


Give us a chance to serve you once, and we let you decide yourself whether we fulfilled your expectations or not.

At present we are serving various clients all over India with positive feedbacks and look way forward to serve all those who actually believe in rising upwards along with teamwork and honest dedication towards their respective roles in the industry.

We are a team of 8 members who are all ready to put our best efforts to lift your business to the heights that you have always been dreaming of……

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