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5 Premium Amenities to Look for While Hunting Flats for Sale in Andheri East

Buying a new home is an exciting as well as a daunting task. It is unlike any other purchase, and you need to consider the following factors when calculating the purchase price for a home: location, size, property taxes, EMI rates for the home loan, and insurance. Location is the foremost factor that you must keep in mind when you set out to buy a new house. Since homes are often lifelong investments, you must pick a place that grants ample access to nearby social and business hubs.

For example, flats for sale in Andheri East can be a great place to start if you want to buy a house in Mumbai. Andheri East is considered a prime location in the city owing to its thriving social infrastructure, gated societies, luxury apartments, and  surrounding business hubs. It offers residential options for different budgets, making it a dynamic part of the city that is becoming more popular daily. The flats for sale in Andheri East are sure to appeal to you as they are close to several hospitals, malls, educational institutions, premier hotels, and restaurants.

Since there is a wide selection of real estate options, here are some jessential amenities you should keep in mind while looking for flats for sale in Andheri East.

Amenities to Look for in Flats for Sale in Andheri East

1. Standard Amenities to Expect

Some of the most common amenities that you should look for in flats for sale in Andheri East are: 

Parking Spaces


Entry and Exit

Security gate

The cost of flats for sale in Andheri East varies based on the amenities, but most properties offer the above amenities as standard selections.

2. Premium Amenities to Look for in Andheri East

An apartment  reflects the person living in it. Therefore, it would be best if you looked for flats for sale in Andheri East with amenities that will improve your quality of life. For example – proximity to public transportation, shopping centres and markets, or a park with an open gym or a running/jogging track.

3. Fitness and Wellness

Amenities that cater to your physical and spiritual wellness within the place you call home are a premium perk in Andheri East. So, when Jogging tracks surround your home along with reflexology paths, spas and yoga rooms, it allows you to take a moment for yourself in the chaos of a bustling city. These premium amenities are great to have at your disposal, be it leisure strolls in the evening or a yoga session in the morning.

4. Recreational Amenities

Special occasions often require spaces bigger than your flat to accommodate guests and parties, for which many residential societies have premium amenities like clubhouses and multipurpose halls. Apart from special events, premium amenities such as a swimming pool, indoor games, and  kids’ play area are also great for those who want to unwind for the weekend right in the comfort of their homes.

5. Nature-Conscious Living

Apart from standard features, you should look for nature-focused residential flats for sale in Andheri East if you want a tranquil home surrounded by greenery in Mumbai. Premium amenities like nature trails, sprawling lawns, and open gyms can be vital steps towards adopting a nature-conscious lifestyle for a healthier mind and body.

6. Sports Zones

Homes that promote active and eco-friendly living are often known to include premium amenities, such as sports zones. Basketball courts, swimming pools, and kids’ play areas are some premium amenities for flats for sale in Andheri East that boost active living.

7. Safety and Backup

When striving to make a real estate purchase in dynamic locales like Andheri East, you must always ensure the flats are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems.  These include – CCTV, firefighting sprinklers, gas, smoke detectors,  and fire alarms. Such premium amenities are central to keeping you safe and secure.

Why Invest in Mahindra Vicino at Andheri East?

Available in multiple configurations of 1 BHK and 3 BHK, these flats for sale in Andheri East by Mahindra Vicino are thoughtfully designed to offer ample natural light and ideal ventilation. Mahindra Vicino also provides excellent connectivity to the city due to its proximity to Suren Road, which connects to the Western Express Highway. . Their design promises more time and space for you.

Mahindra Vicino at Andheri East offers a wide range of amenities like:

Swimming pool

Open gym 

Reflexology path


Nature trail 

Kid’s play area 

Indoor games room

Multipurpose hall & lawn 

Basketball hoop

Organic waste converter and more

Another great perk of Mahindra Vicino in Andheri East is its pursuit towards being a smart and power-efficient residential property. Hence, when you live in Mahindra Vicino, you automatically partake in sustainable living practices which are great for the environment. Overall, if you are looking for flats for sale in Andheri East, Mahindra Vicino is your best bet due to its abundance of amenities and convenient proximity to the social and business hubs in the city.

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