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5 Tax Forms Used The Most By Freelancers

It’s common for freelancers to hunt for other sources of income. It implies that they often need to complete several IRS tax forms. Since they are some of the most typical, you may get ready in advance and reduce the time it takes to file. You can do this by using a 1099 tax calculator or even using an A.I. powered app, like FlyFin.

Form 1099

Freelancers who wish to report their income to the government must do so using a 1099 form. The majority of independent authors must submit 1099 forms to the IRS to report their income and avail their 1099 benefits. What you should know is provided below. Income derived from performing labor for an employer is reported on 1099 forms. It’s important to keep track of the 1099 due date for the current year.

Form 1096 is the version of the 1099 utilized by independent authors. The most popular form is 1096-EZ. Any author who makes more than $600 annually is required to file Form 1099.

The 1099-MISC form

The amount of money you made from each customer or vendor that paid you is reported on this form to the IRS. Because of its 10-digit number, this form is known as a “1099.” Both reporting payments to employees and reporting payments to independent contractors are done using the 1099 form.

Form 1099-MISC can be used to submit taxes as an independent contractor. Form W-2 filing is required if you are an employee.

Schedule C

Due to the ability to deduct costs associated with your business, this form is highly well-liked among independent contractors and sole proprietors. You may write off the price of the furniture, tools, materials, and supplies you used to conduct your business as well as your office space. On your individual Form 1040, you can also deduct business costs.

If you have any business income (revenue from your business) that wasn’t disclosed on your Form 1040, you must complete Schedule C and include it with your Form 1040.

Schedule SE

If you operate a home-based business and bring in less than $400 per month, you could be qualified for a reduced form of Schedule SE. Income reporting for self-employment is filled out on 1040EZ form.

Form 8829

This straightforward form is used to track corporate travel costs, including mileage. Along with that, there is a question asking if you work alone. If you work for yourself, you may be able to write off a portion of your mileage costs, but only if you can demonstrate that you are going somewhere for work.

If you get paid more than $500 in a single year, you must additionally complete Form 2106. A line on the form detailing the payment’s amount and method must be included for each payment.

The rental expenditure can be written off on Schedule E if you are receiving payments for a rental property.

What Tax Form Should I Use if I Work for Myself?

What type of tax forms do you use, then? Here are some things to think about, along with links to the free e-book that can help you figure this out.

The IRS 1099 form is used to declare earnings from services you’ve rendered. You may get paid for a month’s worth of labor, for instance. The sale of someone’s home may also fall under your purview as a real estate agent.

You must complete the IRS Form 1099 whenever you receive any kind of compensation for labor you have performed. Because of this, you must disclose the sum of money you got together with the identity of the payer.

But the IRS 1099 form is subject to a few restrictions. The two most crucial things to remember are to record your earnings accurately and to include all of your spending.

You would thus need to complete separate IRS 1099 forms, one for each employment, if you had a full-time job and freelance work on the side.

Which Tax Form is used by Independent Contractors the Most?

You could avoid the requirement of paying taxes, though, if your job title is independent contractor. Nevertheless, you must confirm that you are a contractor. You could truly be an employee and be required to pay taxes for yourself if you are working for someone else without a written contract stipulating how much you would be paid for how many hours per month.

You will require filling out a form indicating your earnings and the types of tax deductions you were qualified for in addition to receiving a tax return. The IRS offers software and a variety of forms that you can utilize to do this operation. In addition, you may submit your taxes using TurboTax, a well-known software program that makes the process considerably simpler.

Which Tax Form Sees the Greatest Usage?

Online tax filing is an option that the IRS offers to its constituents. You can file your taxes with only a few clicks thanks to the website’s user-friendly navigation. The tax return comes in four variations.

For individuals, Form 1040 is the default tax form. There are two components to it. Four different pieces make up the first portion; they are as follows:

Overall revenue

Income subject to tax



Four distinct portions make up the second half, and they are as follows:

Itemized deductions

The standard deduction

Income modifications

In-depth details

The streamlined Form 1040, known as Form 1040EZ, is available. Only three portions make up the entire thing, and two of them are combined into one segment. There is just one portion in the first part, and it is as follows:

Overall income

The second portion is divided into two halves, as follows:

Itemized deductions

      2. Standard deductibility

Opting not to itemize deductions, you should use Form 1040A. To determine their taxable income, they thus do not deduct any money from their gross income.

People with no tax liability should use Form 1040NR. If you apply for the Child Tax Credit or the Earned Income Credit, this is the typical form that is utilized.

Those who have already submitted their tax returns for the prior year should use Form 1040X. You can correct things with it. This form allows you to make adjustments that will have an impact on the taxes you paid in the prior year.

How do Independent Contractors Pay their Taxes?

With taxes, freelancing is often highly complex.

It’s difficult to submit taxes with the IRS because of their tight filing requirements. The norm is that you must use another platform to pay taxes. In other words, you must pay the tax to an account provider who then pays the IRS.

Using a third-party tax payment provider to handle everything, including filing your return, can save you the burden of having to deal with it all yourself. The majority of people aren’t aware, nevertheless, that third-party account providers could charge you a price for this service.

What is the Easiest Approach to Prevent Having to Pay any Fees to third-Party Account Providers?

No money is required to be paid to the IRS in order to submit your taxes online for free. The IRS’s 1040EZ form must be downloaded in its entirety.

You may fill out your taxes using this straightforward form, which is quick and straightforward to complete.

The IRS website is where you may obtain tax forms.

You must fill out their form after downloading your tax documents, then mail it back to the IRS. You won’t have to pay anything to the IRS since they will handle processing your tax payment for you once they get it. Your taxes will be paid once you have answered a few straightforward questions on the tax forms.

Tax payments without fees can be made in the quickest and simplest method possible.


If you make money as a freelancer, it’s crucial to understand what kind of tax form you will need to complete. In order to record your income and deductions if you have an employer, you will probably be required to file W-2 forms.

To declare their earnings from self-employment, freelancers frequently utilize 1099 forms. Specific guidelines and filing dates apply to each of these forms. You’ll also need to submit returns as a freelancer in order to stay clear of penalties, so you’ll need to keep track of your spending. Speak with your accountant if you don’t know which form you need. You shouldn’t worry yourself sick over a decision that seems so straightforward.

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