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500 Challenger Brands: YourStory’s Brands of New India gets ready to unveil the final 100 emerging D2C brands to watch out for

YourStory’s Brands of New India is all set to close in on its efforts of discovering, showcasing, and amplifying high-potential emerging D2C brands that have what it takes to stir the country’s startup landscape.

Falling under the ‘500 Challenger Brands’ initiative, YourStory’s Brands of New India (BONI) will be unveiling its final set of 100 D2C brands, thereby completing its list of 500 D2C brands that have what it takes to propel the D2C landscape of the country to its next frontier of growth.

The list will be unveiled in a virtual event alongside a panel discussion on ‘What the year 2023 holds in store for the Brands of New India?’ featuring Akshay Ghulati, Co-founder, Strategy and Global Expansion, Shiprocket; Malini Adapureddy, Founder and CEO, Deconstruct; Abhinav Mathur, Founder and CEO, Something’s Brewing; and Sagar Bhalotia, Co-founder, TagZ Foods and a masterclass on the topic “Navigating the Economic Downturn: What is the Path Ahead for D2C Businesses?” by Abhiroop Medhekar, Co-founder & CEO, Velocity.

Register here to attend the launch event for the final batch of 100 D2C brands

Discovering, showcasing, and amplifying high-potential emerging D2C brands in India

In its efforts of building a line-up of ‘500 Challenger Brands’, YourStory’s BONI has been working closely with key ecosystem players of the D2C landscape and has been handpicking brands via extensive search and research processes.

Estimated to be over 10,000, India’s direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, across the smallest of categories, have gradually paved their way into the daily life of a consumer. From fashion to home products and from food to wellness, D2C startups today have the potential to disrupt most of the consumer-focused industries.

YourStory created BONI to put forth a credible platform that could showcase and support the efforts of the startups in India’s burgeoning D2C ecosystem; and since its inception in September 2021, BONI has been working towards that resolution.

Through ‘500 Challenger Brands’, BONI has shined a spotlight on many D2C brands covering the length and breadth of the country.

Some of the brands that were a part of the earlier four batches included The Stone Studio, Fuschia, Hajamat, Mitti Se, Aarambh, Agent Sparrow, Heart Up My Sleeves, MBOSS, Gladful, Meethadabba, Bansiwala, Chaika, Birdsong, Dr. Octo, Desi Toys, Dhaaga, Goosebumps, Kesar, Soxytoes, Thela Gaadi, Rubberfy, Naagin, and many more.

The recognised ‘500 Challenger Brands’ will get due amplification on various YourStory properties, in addition to access to the company’s network of investors, enablers, mentors, and other key stakeholders.

In addition to launching the Challenger Brands, BONI has taken up multiple initiatives such as bringing together various stakeholders from the D2C ecosystem through the Brands of New India Mega Summit and Brand Residency in 2022; creating the BONI circle, one of the largest communities of D2C founders and other key stakeholders by conducting city-wise meet-ups; and giving a platform to brands from Tier II and III cities to come forward and share their journey and challenges through D2C Carwaan.

BONI has also been conducting organised investor connects, closed-room learning sessions, and more. Through these multiple initiatives, engagements and events, BONI aims to help India create a line-up of 500-strong D2C brands over the next coming years.

So be a part of the unveiling of the last batch of the country’s 100 high-potential D2C brands that have the capability to revolutionise India’s D2C space and get your hands on the report carrying interesting insights on these brands.

Register here to attend the launch event for the final batch of 100 D2C brands

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