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6 Best Colleges & Unis in the US for Music Education

We listen to our favorite songs when we are feeling down in the dumps, when driving, studying, working, or exercising. But for someone, music can be so much more than just a source of entertainment.

That’s why many people decide to pursue a degree in this industry, as they want to become one with music for their entire life. Since this field is a vast industry, music education graduates may pursue different career paths:

Production manager


Private instrument teacher

Vocal coach

Choir director

Professional musician

Band director

Sound engineering technician

K-12 teacher

However, to succeed in getting a well-paid job after graduation, it’s crucial to enter the right educational institution and have great academic results. This includes doing casual homework like writing papers (or you can pay someone to write my essay for me) and, of course, mastering instruments and theory. In this article, we will draw your attention to the best music colleges and unis to apply to. 

University of Florida

Gainesville, Florida

The reason why this university is the first on our list is that Florida Gators are strong achievers. According to UF statistics, the average incoming GPA for a freshman is 4.5. That means when applying to UF, be ready to work hard, do your best, and get involved.

Here students utilize more than 200 research bureaus and institutes, and service and education centers. You will have the option to get into different fields together with a BA in music:


history and literature

theory and composition


event management

In addition, you can also choose to minor in other fields like English, psychology, and history.

Due to this opportunity, your courses will vary, giving you a chance to deepen your knowledge while concentrating on getting a degree from a top-ranked college. After graduation, you can be sure of getting the career of your dream with a reasonable salary.

University of Michigan

Ann Arbor, Michigan

According to U.S. News & World Report, the university of Michigan-Ann Arbor boasts plenty of rankings and is #3 among National Undergraduate Public Universities. The benefit of applying to this educational institution lies in 40 undergraduate programs, including a bachelor in music & technology.

Here, the bachelor’s program provides you with the possibility to dive into songs production and creatively use the technology relating to:



studio and live sound engineering



sound for film, television, or video games

However, to successfully enter this uni, you need to be very talented since only an average of 20 students are admitted each year. To apply, you need to record an audition on your instrument and submit an artistic profile or perform live directly in front of the admissions committee.

By the way, your coursework will include such courses as:

Computer Music Composition and Arranging

Sound Recording and Production

Creative Coding

Indiana University

Bloomington, Indiana

If you have always wanted to share your love of music, you can become a part of the Hoosier Community at Indiana University. Here you can get a top-ranked education and study among talented faculty and peers. IU boasts more than 700k graduates who were successfully employed afterward.

Along with general education requirements and electives, you are offered 27 credit hours in core classes and 52 credits in education classes.

IU is a great option for those who want to become a teacher since you can choose the area of emphasis, including:





Of course, teaching someone might seem overwhelming. But after taking general education courses at IU, you will gain the necessary skills and experience so that you can be sure of what you are doing and have more chances for future employment.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Madison, Wisconsin

When applying to this uni, you will pursue more than 9,000 courses offered throughout over 450 undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

One of the most important details we take into account when applying is the environment. When entering UW-Madison, you can be sure you will become a part of a big family which includes staff, faculty, and students. Those people will be an inspiration for you as they are immersed daily in writing and making songs, researching, and learning.

In addition, throughout the academic years, you will be offered one-on-one and small-group instruction. It means that whenever you have a problem understanding something, you will have the individual attention of the tutors, who will gladly assist you.

Here is a list of specific programs created with a School of Music faculty member that you can take:

Music Emphasis courses

Piano Skills

Performance courses with a specific instrument

Music Theory and History

New York University

New York City, New York

As you might know, New York City is the capital of the music industry. Hence, what could be a better place to apply to rather than NYU Steinhardt? This uni is known for its personalized and flexible approach to teaching and the use of innovative approaches. In addition, it’s a place where talented graduates achieve great things, like Grammy Awards!

NYU Steinhardt offers its students more than 200 degree programs. Along with core liberal arts classes, you can take such courses:

core music and technology

electronic technology

keyboard harmony and improvisation

The most attractive thing about NYU Steinhardt is that you will spend the whole semester in Paris or Prague. Besides this, you will have countless opportunities to immerse yourself in New York City performance venues such as Sony Music and the Metropolitan Opera!

At this educational institution, you can explore careers such as:

game audio, film, and video sound post-production

sound recording and engineering

XR (AR/VR) systems

music production

hardware development

electronic music

sound and music computing

SUNY Potsdam

Potsdam, New York

This college offers more than 80 majors and a chance to take part in multiple field experiences, internships, and tours. By the way, SUNY Potsdam was highly ranked by several magazines like Princeton Review, Money Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report due to its academic excellence and affordability.

SUNY Potsdam offers five tracks to choose from:


History and Literature



Jazz Studies

The good thing is that you can customize your program regarding your expectations and interests. For instance, you can combine several courses like science or business along with BA in music. Your sample courses will include:

Aural Skills

Music History in Western Civilization


To Sum It Up

In this article, we strive our best to guide you on the universities you can apply to and pursue the degree of your dream. Weigh all the pros and cons and choose the right college that meets your expectations!

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