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6 Business Strategies To Scale Non-Profit Organizations

Scaling a business means it will continue to perform well even with an increasing workload. Although it’s not financially motivated, your NPO is still a business that you’d like to see prosper and grow. 

And it will when you implement these 6 business strategies to scale non-profit organizations. So for a bigger impact, start taking these steps today. 

Invest in Talent

The success of your NPO rests largely on the efforts of your team of dedicated staff. Many of these will be volunteers, and they are valuable warriors for your cause. But to get the job done and improve the scalability of your NPO, you may need to recruit a few members of paid staff too. 

Invest in top talent for your NPO, and in their education too, if need be. A social work degree or similar social sciences certification will give you the tools you need to work within society toward social change. And it’ll allow you to speak with more authority when trying to get funding for your organization. 

See it as a necessary financial step towards scalability. It doesn’t have to cost as much as you think, either. So do the research and make the decision that will help you grow. With the right credentials from one of the best affordable online MSW programs, you’ll be well-prepared to make your NPO a success. 

Leverage Technology

Technology is constantly evolving to meet the greater needs of businesses, including non-profit organizations. Stay abreast of emerging tech trends. Technological tools can help you to achieve scale in a shorter time and offer so many benefits. 

They will enable you to reach a wider audience and operate more efficiently. Collaboration tools can make working with interested parties on campaigns a breeze. Social media platforms make it easy to get your message out to the masses, in a way that’s fun and engaging. 

And your fundraising? Technology can assist you with that, too. Online auction software allows you to raise the money you need for your cause, from anywhere, with minimal setup.

Partner with Corporations

Like it or not, you need to put in the effort to raise funds and accumulate the necessary resources. And sometimes that requires partnering with big corporations. 

There are several examples of excellent NPO/corporate partnerships that have become great successes. One of the best-known is the Make-A-Wish Foundation’s partnership with entertainment giant, Disney. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Amazon are another inspirational partnership. 

Reach out to a corporation that aligns with your cause or your campaign needs. This is one of the best ways to achieve scale in the competitive world of NPOs seeking funding.

Create a Diversified Funding Strategy

When you rely on a sole income stream, you risk losing everything when they stop contributing. Diversify your funding to achieve scale and grow, despite financial market fluctuations and economic crises.  

You may rely on private donations and public participation in fundraising drives to get off the ground. And they will still form the foundation of your business. But to truly make a difference, you need the larger contributions that can come from government grants and corporate sponsorships.

A multi-pronged approach to funding will ease the pressure on your staff to raise all monies needed through fundraising campaigns. But it will also allow you to tackle bigger projects with time. 

Develop a Sustainable Business Model

More and more businesses are realizing the need for sustainability. And as a non-profit organization, you’ll feel this need even more. 

Sustainability is not just about your NPOs ability to survive and thrive. Although this is, of course, your end goal with scaling your organization. It also entails meeting the need for sustainability with your inter-departmental practices and processes.

Is your way of doing business sustainable over the long term? Your mission statement may have got you started, but does it still ring true for you? Are you looking for ways to do more with less? If not, start today and adapt your business model so that it adapts to societal changes.

Collaborate with Other Nonprofits

Whether you’re determined to see social change, create more environmental awareness, or establish better conditions for impoverished groups, remember one thing. You’re not alone. Others are just as motivated as you to make a difference. 

And collaboration with these other non-profits will make it easier for all parties to reach their goals. For-profit businesses see their peers as rivals and a competitive streak amongst them is the norm. But don’t let this be true for your non-profit organization. 

Shared resources and expertise can turn fledgling NPOs into major players. And the right technology will make collaboration even easier

Are you involved in women’s issues? Partner with an organization dedicated to women’s healthcare. How about animal rights? A partnership with a non-profit animal rescue organization could be the ticket to greater awareness for both of you.

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