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A nation of entrepreneurs, with their heads, held high

A nation of entrepreneurs, with their heads held high

Yesterday, on National Startup Day, we had written about the many faces of entrepreneurship beyond the Unicorn dream (

Each such dream needs co-believers who bring in the right support and networks.

Meet Head Held High, one such ecosystem enabler, which has been doing game-changing work in entrepreneurship readiness.

Head Held High Foundation is a collective of people working towards empowering marginalized communities to realize their full potential.

It was set up with the inspiring vision that everyone deserves a chance to live their lives with dignity. With their heads held high. And entrepreneurship plays a key role in enabling that.

The team has set themselves a goal of working together with 1 million vulnerable households over the next 5 years across India.

This involves ensuring that they are enabled with all social security benefits required.

And more importantly, to create at least one entrepreneur (either the youth and/or women of the household) who can double or triple the household income! 

We at YourStory, completely align with this vision of creating entrepreneurs in every household as we launch our YourStory University to bring the practical skills and outcomes entrepreneurs need to ensure that passion meets preparation.

These households across the nation will represent the New Emerging Bharat – brimming with resilience, entrepreneurial spirit and confidence.

They will, in turn, be the role models for millions of other youth & women!

Over the last 3 years, the team has been able to reach over 25,000 households with over Rs.500+ crores of social benefits.  

They have also trained over 5000+ micro-entrepreneurs – both youth & women across small villages, towns and cities in the country. 

A vision as big as this needs the right partners. Three stellar entrepreneurs have joined their journey as Patrons – Ashwin Damera & Chaitanya Kalipatnapu of Eruditus Executive Education and Shradha Sharma of YourStory Media

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