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AI is quickly becoming the prime differentiation for next generation financial services products, but less than 30% of FSIs have deployed AI solutions to their full potential. Adoption and implementation of AI and realizing the potential benefits, remain difficult.

That’s the challenge being addressed by

Founded in 2013 by Vinay Kumar and Deekshith, is the ‘AI Cloud’ for Banks, Insurers and Financial Services to expedite the adoption of AI that is responsible, accurate and auditable. is the first AI cloud for Banks, Insurers and Financial Services Players, offering a modular stack with plug and use AI APIs or customizable AI solutions and comprehensive ML Observability tools to help their data science teams deploy at scale and still meet all the regulatory and business requirements of go live. has raised seed funding from Venture Nursery and YourNest, and has been named as one of the ‘Top 61 Global Companies’ by CB Insights and received the ‘AI Game Changer’ award from Nasscom.’s founders have been named as ‘Forbes 30 Under 30’ and the company has been part of leading industry accelerators organized by Swiss Re, SOCGEN, Microsoft and Oracle. is also one of the initial members of Intel AI Builders program and Nvidia Inception program.


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Unlike more general purpose platforms and services for BFSI customers, is the BFSI focused AI cloud that offers low-to-no-code product layers required by a financial services institution (FSIs) to productionize and use an AI solution. Their AI cloud has AI models and has modular platform architecture, making it easier for BFSIs to deploy AI solutions faster and cheaper. is billed primarily on a pay-by-usage model, either on-going basis or purchased upfront as an annual plan. They have two ongoing patent applications, one in India and the other in the US, related to their Explainable AI platform to achieve autonomous AI learning in financial services.

The team has specialized in Deep Learning and their back-end is built using Python and application stack using Node.js and Angular. 

As they keep scaling, their plan is to keep changing how the financial services industry uses AI and to become a market leader in the AI/ML industry. 

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