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At Torchbearers Inc, ace TT player Manika Batra and Gaurav Hinduja of Axio talk about finding your path to success

If there is one quality that individuals should seek for themselves, it is consistent performance in the face of ever-increasing pressure and rapid change. Be it on the sports field or in business, achieving success and being a step ahead of competition requires a well-thought-of game plan that will precisely differentiate what makes some people flourish under pressure and others fold.

In the finale episode of Torchbearers Inc., an initiative by AWS and NeoNiche, table tennis champion and Olympian Manika Batra and Axio’s Co-founder & MD and Ironman Triathlon enthusiast Gaurav Hinduja, get talking about the importance of goal setting in achieving success.

Making goals attainable

The unpredictable nature of business needs to be balanced with something outside the business. Choose something that creates balance and a centre of gravity,explains Gaurav. For him, it was sports. What he learned from the Ironman journey is not to give up. Gaurav recalled how he finished a race with a bad cramp in his leg. If he could finish that race, he could go through tough days at work.

For India’s top-ranked female table tennis player, Manika, sports is a full-time job. While there is consistent pressure in sports, the key is to be confident and remember the hard work during practice, she believes. Pressure comes at all times, we need to know how to deal with it,she says.

Apart from this, Gaurav talks about having a systematic game plan for a fixed period of time, for instance, three months, 12 months or three years. Make sure that timeline and goals are synced up. And be aspirational enough and accountable enough to achieve them,he says.

Manika stresses on setting both long-term and short-term goals. For instance, while her long-term goal is to win an Olympic medal, her short-term goal is to focus on the next tournament.

In Gaurav’s view, one needs to develop three key skills in business – being calm and confident, being a fast decision maker, and being able to negotiate.

Strive for discipline

Gaurav learnt the importance of mentoring at a young age from coaching from his dad. He has carried forward the same today by hiring a professional mentor. Alternatively, Manika feels while it’s very important to have a coach, if no one is there to motivate you, motivate yourself.

Both Manika and Gaurav are in consensus that self-discipline is a key attribute to achieving success. Discipline is the hardest thing to do but key to success. Strive for discipline in what you do. When you stay disciplined, you open the door to freedom,shares Gaurav.

In sports, the main thing is to be disciplined. Be focused and dedicated. Also, keep cheering for everyone as athletes are working hard. Be there for them,Manika says.

Gaurav also advises fellow entrepreneurs to look for a passion or a hobby, be it art or sport, outside work that will help to balance the stress of business. He also stresses on prioritising on achieving work-life balance.

Speaking about choosing the right partner that helps you scale and succeed, Gaurav draws parallels to AWS. AWS is a service provider that really empowers you. How does one go about trusting a partner who is not sitting in your office everyday? Someone who is invisible. We don’t see the folks at AWS. As long as things go well, we trust the person. When things go bad, we wonder if the person is working. The folks that stand up and be there for you when things go bad are the ones you never want to lose the rest of your lives. This is how we feel about everyone,he explains.

More about the episode

The final episode will see Manika and Gaurav in conversation with Shayamal Vallabhjee, a renowned leadership performance coach and India’s first sports scientist. Shayamal will prod them on various facets of their lives that helped them push through difficulties and attain success.

Concluding the show, Shayamal says, The common thread between all the featured people in Torchbearers is they are all students of their art. They are learning every day. Always be a student dedicated to your subject and art. Stick to that process and success will manifest.

The show has been conceptualised and presented by NeoNiche, one of India’s leading integrated marketing solutions providers. AWS joins as its strategic partner as it aims to simplify technology and become technology partners to startup companies. TiE Mumbai and Startup Talky are ecosystem partners of Torchbearers Inc. YourStory is a media partner.

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