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Benchkart: Accelerating the digital transformation journey of SMBs

Small and medium businesses form a critical part of the employment structure in our country. With increasing automation and the emerging technology trends, digital transformation is today as much of an urgent need for them as it is for large firms. However, they might lack the inhouse teams to drive some of these projects. 

Founded in 2019, Benchkart Services Private Limited is a B2B marketplace for digital transformation aimed at connecting SMBs who are looking to outsource IT and marketing services with the right agency for them. 

Benchkart’s technology-based platform helps in due diligence and profiling of digital agencies when such agencies are onboarded, and also helps the client define their scope of work (SOW). Additionally, it assists in agency evaluation, contracting, project management, and security of client payments and data. The platform has been well-received, with large MNCs, middle-east businesses, startups, and small businesses all relying on Benchkart’s services.


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The company’s unique selling point is its ability to accelerate the digital transformation of SMBs globally. Benchkart’s platform provides unbiased consulting, matches SMBs to the right service provider, and guides them through the entire execution process. Their AI-powered algorithm profiles both the client and the service provider and provides recommendations for the best match. The platform also assists in proposal evaluation, contracting, payments, and project management.

Benchkart has a particular take rate based on the size of the project and its location, deducted from the payments made by clients. Currently, Benchkart does not charge anything from service providers for listing or from clients for posting projects or use of project management tools and human support.

The four key modules of the platform include a service provider module with inbuilt due diligence, a client and SOW module, a matching algorithm, and a project management module.

Benchkart is competing with companies such as Upwork, Fiverr, Hello Darwin, Bpool, Outsource Accelerator, and Globality, who solve different parts of the challenge. 

Benchkart’s platform is an innovative solution to the problem of SMBs finding the right digital agency to grow their business. Their technology-based platform and modules provide the necessary tools for the successful digital transformation of SMBs.

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