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भरोसा खुद पर रखो तो ताकत का एहसास कराता है यदि उसी भरोसे को आप दूसरों पर रखो तो कमजोरी बन जाता है। इसी पर आधारित आज की हमारी कहानी Cyber Security से पास मृत्युंजय सिंह की जिन्होंने लोगों को दिखा दिया कि अगर इंटरेस्ट और करने की चाह होती है। तो कुछ भी नामुमकिन नहीं है। ऐसी ही सोच रखने वाले मृत्युंजय सिंह ने अपनी सक्सेसफुल जॉब को छोड़कर उस फील्ड में कदम रखा जिसका […]

India Khel is a mobile application (play store launched, IOS coming up) and website where people with similar sports interest can find a sports buddy to play their favorite sports. Today’s younger generation and upcoming generation is more inclined towards social media and addition to health hazards. Social media addiction has started affecting the health of the children. Moreover, office goers and business owners also have forgotten the joy and health benefits of playing on […]

wedding at shaadimagic

In a country like ours, where weddings are occasions where not just couple unites but families and relatives reunite as well. In India, wedding is a big affair where more than money, efforts are invested. And here, ShaadiMagic comes in the scene planning your wedding for free minimizing your efforts, cost and time. Its FREE? Yes, you might not believe your eyes the moment you read the title. In today’s fast pacing world, when even water […]

What is the difference between college and school, a 12th year class kid, inquisitive to see that kind of lifestyle asked me? I just said a word “EXPOSURE”. Hi! I am Suyash Jain, student of BBA Retail management from University of Petroleum & Energy Studies Dehradun. Every student cannot be judged on a single parameter. Every kid is born with its own area of interest and talent. We cannot judge them on a standard parameter, […]


Globalisation and technological progress have changed the way we look at life and geographical regions. The promise of better employment, education, and lifestyle have pushed people away from their native places resulting in a massive demographic change. As identified by the United Nations, India has experienced the highest rise in migration lately – both abroad and within the country. The latest Census report also confirms  that 4 out of every 10 Indians have migrated to […]

Birth Confession pages were all the rage a few years ago, with dedicated pages for colleges, their individual departments and batches. I was surprised to learn that several of my friends were active users on these pages. This surge in their popularity brought them to my attention, and I couldn’t help but wonder how well, a centralised platform for these confessions, would fare on the social network stage.   The all important spark, the keys […]

Online marketplaces have changed the way consumers shop due to the power of 3 D’s: discounts, distribution, and delight, however, as this sector grew by leaps and bounds, we realized its alter ego: Tyranny of choice also raising its ugly head. Today, e-commerce platforms have an overwhelming amount of mass produced products and brands on their website. Some might say these websites spoil for choice, but if you take a moment to notice how time-consuming […]

Why This Corn? It all started with an idea to provide an EXPERIENCE. Current market scenario around Corn as a snack is very much limited. The market serves very monotonous taste with substandard packaging which customers anyway buy as healthy snacking. This Corn aims at creating an experience for its customers by experimenting with rigid ways of Corn making, adding lip-smacking flavors and serving the corn in appealing packaging. We identify ourselves as We are […]

A few months ago I never knew I would be writing this in 2017. Not because I was anticipating of not being alive, but I never knew that something called ‘The Legit Eye’ would come out of me. Being a regular Law student from LC-1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and hailing from Middle-Class family, a start-up plan never crossed my mind. Getting a decent Government Job, like any other middle class Indian, was all I had […]

Choosing a career path (or changing one) is very important, but for most of us, it had become confusing and anxiety-riddled experience. Selecting a career can be difficult, you may be unsure of what is truly right for you. Maybe you question whether you’re passionate about your career choice, or whether your passion is career-worthy. It is important to consider what education you already have or will have as you begin pursuing a career. Choosing […]

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