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Community Voices: How SenseGiz’s digital transformation solution helped a leading manufacturer track people and prevent mishaps

When Abhishek Latthe, Founder and CEO, SenseGiz lost his bag while travelling and could not track it, he decided to come up with an asset tracking system. He noticed that tracking things manually was a time-consuming, difficult process. So he decided to launch SenseGiz in 2013 and leverage rapid end-to-end, IoT-based solutions for sensor based condition monitoring, perimeter security, and real time asset/people tracking applications. He did this using a combination of proprietary mesh connected hardware, cloud, analytics, and award-winning software.

Pivoting for success

Initially a B2C company, SenseGiz sold their products through platforms like Amazon. In 2018, they pivoted their business model to B2B and started making end-to-end solutions for manufacturing units, pharmaceutical industries, automobile sector, mining sector among others.

Through innovative and advanced technology like Bluetooth Low Energy BLE, SenseGiz has been focusing on adding value to customer’s lives every single day by improving productivity and efficiency through safety and security. Some of the companies they have touched are Maruti Suzuki, Jubilant FoodWorks, UltraTech Cement, Mahindra Logistics, Bosch and more.

JSW Group is another example, where SenseGiz’s digital transformation solution successfully helped them track people in underground tunnels and prevent mishaps.

Understanding challenges

As a leading steel manufacturing company, JSW has many employees working in underground tunnels. These tunnels often have high temperatures and expose workers to harmful gas. Due to these problems, workers’ safety is at risk, causing them to feel uneasy, fall unconscious or even worse. Traditionally, people tracking used to be done manually. This would be harmful and time consuming as people wouldn’t know the exact location of workers in case of emergencies, leading to inefficient utilisation of resources.

What JSW needed was accurate real-time tracking of the workers in the underground tunnel. They wanted to get alerts if their worker was inactive for a longer time. To that end, they worked with SenseGiz to come up with a solution.

The SenseGiz impact

SenseGiz leveraged their Bluetooth 5 mesh with WiFi/Ethernet/4G options for cloud connectivity, and placed their device in the basement area of JSW’s plant and a buzzer hooter was placed near the gateway. Coin pro devices were fixed at certain distances and FIND wristbands were given to employees. Employees could trigger an alert in case of emergency. These alerts would come in via loud buzzers and WhatsApp alerts. Alongside this, if anyone got injured, the team would get an instantaneous hooter alert in addition to alerts on the Software Dashboard.

The way forward

After success stories like these, SenseGiz is hoping to continue touching other fields like these and grow from there and scale up in order to work with other clients in the same domain.

About Community Voices

Community Voices is a series of articles from the Plugin Alliance that spotlights solutions and startups helping India’s manufacturing and supply chain industries benefit from smart technology. The series leads in to Innovent 4.0, an exclusive industry technology conclave from the Plugin Alliance — a first-of-its-kind Industry 4.0 alliance in India — with the aim to showcase India’s role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In tune with the event, the series will continue to highlight stories from Industry 4.0 startups.

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