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Epic Games alleges Google of frightening users with dire warnings and complex steps in app downloads

US company Epic Games has alleged, in a plea to the National Companies Law Appellate Tribunal, that Google is frightening users by displaying dire warnings and technically complex steps, causing difficulty to them to directly download apps, said a report by The Economic Times.

The plea, filed on February 9, alleged violation of the Competition Commission of India’s (CCIs) remedial directions against Google in the Android case.

In the plea, Epic Games said these “scare screens” are causing fright among consumers, leading them to abandon the download. Epic said in its petition that downloading and installing an app on a mobile device should not be different from that on a personal computer.

Last month, Google said it would make several changes to its Android and Google Play Store in India. The move comes after the Supreme Court denied its plea to grant a stay on CCI’s October 2022 order, fining the company Rs 1,337.76 crore for abusing its dominance in the Android market and directing it to make appropriate changes.

The CCI told the Supreme Court that the issue pertaining to alleged abuse by Google of its dominant position in multiple markets in the Android mobile device ecosystem is of “national importance” and the world is looking at how India is dealing with the matter.

Edited by Megha Reddy

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