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How retail investors can capitalise on immense wealth generation opportunity in 2023

The government’s Digital India initiative – aimed at transforming the country into a digitally empowered society – has enabled the Indian economy to reach new heights in global markets. The initiative has not only fuelled the inception of many new startups and a series of new-age entrepreneurs but also opened up an incredible wealth-generation opportunity for retail investors. To provide an in-depth view of the Digital India initiative and highlight how India has made significant progress in digital friendliness since 2017, WealthDesk has launched a year-end bulletin.

Moving ahead, the government aims to increase the country’s digital economy contribution to 20 percent of the GDP by FY25. With India inching closer towards the $5 trillion benchmark by 2025-26, $1 trillion in GDP from the digital economy is a promising projection for both the Government of India as well as the businesses aimed towards it. The bulletin also highlights that the country might witness exponential growth and several wealth-generation possibilities could open up for investors if India hits the benchmark.

How India invested in 2022

Putting the spotlight on how India invested in 2022 and providing an overview of what moved the global indexes last year, WealthDesk mentioned that ITC Ltd., ICICI Bank, Coal India, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and State Bank of India were the most popular stocks among their curators. With ITC Ltd. stocks being included in 19 WealthBaskets, it topped the list. Followed by ITC Ltd., ICICI bank made it to the second rank with 12 WealthBasket counts.

Among the list of the most popular stocks, Coal India followed ICICI Bank with 11 WealthBaskets, which was followed by Sun Pharma and SBI with 10 WealthBasket counts, respectively. Among the list of the most trending WealthBasket of 2022, Alpha Bluechip emerged as the number one stock with an absolute return of 13.21 percent. On the other hand, Gulaq Gear 6 appeared as the best WealthBasket in terms of outperforming the index with a return of 16.4 percent.

Apart from highlighting key sector performances and top-performing WealthBaskets favoured by retail investors in 2022, the platform’s bulletin has also shed light on the investment ideas that WealthBasket curators are betting on in 2023. According to the bulletin, WealthBasket curators are betting big on PSU banks, metal, defence and FMCG sectors in 2023.

How India can be better in 2023

Sharing his viewpoint for 2023, Ujjwal Jain, Founder and CEO, WealthDesk said, “Securities Market regulator SEBI has created a great incubation ground to enable innovation in capital markets keeping the investor interest at the epicentre. This builds a lot of confidence and empowers many first-time investors in equities to start their investment journey. I am confident that we will see more retail investor participation over the next couple of years.”

Ujjwal further added that due to a strong macroeconomic environment in India, the country would continue to grow at a better pace than many emerging markets across the world. There would be opportunities in specific sectors over time. However, investors can look to invest with WealthBasket curators who align their stock bets accordingly.

“Be it infrastructure, PSU banks, cement or defence – investing in anything associated with the government can prove beneficial in 2023,” added Sagar Lele, Founder, Rupeeting and WealthBasket Curator. On the other hand, Rajesh Kothari, Founder, AlfAccurate Advisors and WealthBasket Curator suggested retail investors should invest in banking and finance, Capex, and tap into consumerism, along with diversifying the business into other countries besides China. Sumit Singh, MD, Xumit Capital and WealthBasket Curator added, “Banking, FMCG, Construction Materials and Capital Goods will perform well in 2023.”

Powered by the WealthDesk platform and built on top of Embedded WealthDesk Gateway (EWG), this 2016-founded internet-scale investment technology platform is building the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) for the asset and wealth management ecosystem on top of broking. In the year-end bulletin, the platform has further deep-dived into opinions by WealthBasket curators on crucial topics such as value investing vs value factor, the importance of quantitative approach, and ESG Investing.

To find out more about the year-end bulletin, click here.

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