IdeaTreasure Inc. is an idea way to Success Freelance Company, whose base headquarter is in Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh, 474011) INDIA, with an active branch office at Melli Bazar, South Sikkim, 737128. As the name suggests, we are a treasure-box, with lots and lots of creative and innovative ideas to invest on.

We are connected with thousands of investors globally to give them best innovative and productive idea where they would like to invest, only if they find ideas good or profitable. All you need to do is just create an account and make a presentation about your idea or project and then see the magic. If your idea seemed good, then our investors will invest on your idea.
We too provide a Freelance Network to youth to showcase their talents and get payments as per their rates. Still today, millions of people’s dream of proper job and living. Hence, IdeaTreasure is helping them to believe in their dream.



Vivek Singh, the CEO & Founder of IdeaTreasure Inc.,drove is the man behind such a giant freelancing network. Throughout his age, he met with few successes and much failures. But the things which kept him going on and on was his dedication, hard-work, passion and love for his work.
At the age of 1 drove his interest towards computers and software. He also started to learn Computer Programming from the same age. It took a long duration of 4 years of hard-work and youtube to surround himself with the programming environment. By then, he became very good at C, C++, Python, HTML programming, PHP and complete Web Development.
And literally to showcase what he learned, he opted for creating a Freelance Network. That’s how IdeaTreasure was born.

How Do We work?

In briefly, we have a collection of great ideas and ideas which are waiting for investments to show those ideas to the world, how ever we are also offering freelancing service to our member where our investor can post a project for something new.
On those ideas investor will invest on any idea which they like the most or like to invest on the profitable idea, then we’ll make a contract between idea owner and interested investors for the idea.
For security reason all the ideas are moderate before they are ready for investment, we also have some strict policy please read all terms and condition before investing and registering.
We Welcome all the Ideas and their thoughts to the largest platform IdeaTreasure. Soon, your innovative ideas will make you rich/popular, no matter where do you live. We also don’t bother about the Investing Budget. Instead, We believe “An Idea can change your Life.”

Few Words From Vivek Singh

“Hey there! This is Vivek Singh, the CEO & Founder of IdeaTreasure Inc. I am originally from Gwalior(M.P). I am a passionate Web Developer and part-time blogger. I too work as a Reverse Engineer on various projects around the web. Oh! I am also a kick-ass Social Engineer. I have learned to face failures and learn to form them. I strongly believe in one of my most favorite quote ‘If you were born poor, that’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, then that’s your mistake!”


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