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NEP will make India one of the greatest economic superpowers of world: Australian minister

Australian Education Minister Jason Clare on Wednesday said the National Education Policy (NEP) will take India on the path of becoming one of the greatest economic superpowers of the world.

Clare is on a visit to India from February 28 to March 3. He is leading a delegation of Australian higher education leaders to promote institutional partnerships and boost collaboration between the two countries.

“The National Education Policy (NEP) is nation changing (policy). It will transform India and skill up its younger generation. It will also set the country on the path of becoming one of the greatest economic superpowers of the world,” he told PTI.

The Australian minister was present at Delhi University’s Sri Venkateswara College for a programme.

Talking about his visit, he noted that both India and Australia will sign an agreement on Thursday for mutual recognition of university degrees of the two countries, making it easier for students studying in one country to get their degrees recognised in the other.

“There will be 10 agreements between Indian and Australian universities, which will help in building a great partnership. At present, Australian universities offer courses. We are moving from providing courses to establishing campuses,” he added.

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