Globalisation and technological progress have changed the way we look at life and geographical regions. The promise of better employment, education, and lifestyle have pushed people away from their native places resulting in a massive demographic change. As identified by the United Nations, India has experienced the highest rise in migration lately – both abroad and within the country. The latest Census report also confirms  that 4 out of every 10 Indians have migrated to […]

We are living in the era where there is huge trust deficit.  Statistics reveal that 8 out of 10 people take great efforts in convincing others, yet end up missing out great opportunities. Leadburg is expanding the opportunities available to people and organisations. We assess behavioural competencies and compatibilities and showcase them to the right opportunities through a social rating, comparison and discovery app.   Establishing credibility and decision making become easier, when it is […]

  City Guru Gwalior is one of the gorgeous cities of Madhya Pradesh. This city is not just made with bricks or walls but also with a glorious past and a rich culture. Temples and palaces all around depict the story of this city. If you are fortunate enough to live in this beautiful city of Gwalior, then probably City Guru is near you. It eases your life in Gwalior by providing you best sort […]

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.” Being a women entrepreneur, the journey started from getting an idea to its execution and doing business was an exciting phase. Priyanka Wadhera, Founder of Legal Suvidha feels that women entrepreneurs today are coming with new ideas and creativity and equally contributing towards giving […]

In this modern era of technology, why do we still follow decades old tedious traditional hiring process?asks Vinothkumar Founder & CTO,Hireica Hiring is an important process which can make or break a company.The traditional hiring process is outdated and does not meet the exact requirements of the users(job seekers and employers).It is also a tedious process which consumes a lot of time, human resource, highly cost consuming process and the commitment to settle with a […]

Woman entrepreneur no longer elicits surprise or curiosity in India.Many women entrepreneurs are driven by a desire to do good work, realize their dreams and prove their detractors wrong, rather than just make money. The glass ceilings are shattered, and women are found indulged in every line of business. The entry of women into business in India is traced out as an extension of their kitchen activities, mainly 3P‘s, Pickle, Powder, and Pappad. But with […]

“All those who wander are not lost” I have been a wanderer since a young girl. A firm believer of ‘nurture shapes nature ‘, I was given the travel bug by my parents. This drove me to broaden my mind about culture, local food, and exotic destinations and I was thoroughly immersed in the parallel universe of travel. I would research destinations (how did we survive with no internet!), atrocities, prepare detailed itineraries and be […]

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