Everyday we come across many quotes, and many quote sites which have quotes of different genre and categories. Almost all of the sites have same content and material because what Churchill said will not be changed and what Lincoln said will also never be changed. There are a couple of things which made us go for keepquoting.com 1. none of these sites have anything new to offer. 2. quoting can not only be done by […]

Birth Confession pages were all the rage a few years ago, with dedicated pages for colleges, their individual departments and batches. I was surprised to learn that several of my friends were active users on these pages. This surge in their popularity brought them to my attention, and I couldn’t help but wonder how well, a centralised platform for these confessions, would fare on the social network stage.   The all important spark, the keys […]

Online marketplaces have changed the way consumers shop due to the power of 3 D’s: discounts, distribution, and delight, however, as this sector grew by leaps and bounds, we realized its alter ego: Tyranny of choice also raising its ugly head. Today, e-commerce platforms have an overwhelming amount of mass produced products and brands on their website. Some might say these websites spoil for choice, but if you take a moment to notice how time-consuming […]

While there are several Edutech platforms and startups looking to make learning and teaching simpler with the aid of technology, Lokesh Ranjan, Ankur Banerjee, Ninja Aggarwal, Manu Dev Soni and Deeksha Jaiswal saw a different problem that most platforms weren’t addressing – hitches in the smooth management of affairs in an institute. While working at individually into personally formed firms they understood the skill development concerns most institutions faced. “We used to technical training solutions to […]

Why This Corn? It all started with an idea to provide an EXPERIENCE. Current market scenario around Corn as a snack is very much limited. The market serves very monotonous taste with substandard packaging which customers anyway buy as healthy snacking. This Corn aims at creating an experience for its customers by experimenting with rigid ways of Corn making, adding lip-smacking flavors and serving the corn in appealing packaging. We identify ourselves as We are […]

Just like no barricade can stop a raging soldier with a raised sword who is going out to fight a war, nothing can stop a writer from penning down the creative thoughts that bubble within. At the age of 23,   Syed Arshad, an aircraft maintenance engineer by qualification, found himself mulling over the mystery which remained unresolved even after thousands of literary masterpieces: what exactly is love? His creative mind, at the age when the heart beats at the idea […]

Vgo was started with the dream of connecting travelers with the locals for them to experience a place and explore it the way locals live it. It has evolved into a community of more than 900 registered users in 150 plus cities within a month of its launch. Vgo is growing at an exponential rate, and it aims to have approximately 3000 registered users by the end of 3 months. Usually, the travel time is […]

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