Names like Airbnb, Dropbox, Zenefits, Instacart, and Reddit are among the billion-dollar organizations that were brooded by Y Combinator at an early stage. Since 2005, Y Combinator, a California-based seed quickening agent, has financed more than 1,400 new businesses, which today have a joined valuation of over $80 billion.   On Thursday, Incubator Connect, an occasion composed for hatcheries in New Delhi, saw different partners in the biological community, for example, investors (VC), new companies […]

PKC Laundries is an online laundry solutions company based out of Hyderabad.  The company was started in Dec’15. The founders of the company are two friends, they have met each other in their graduation days. All they wanted to be is do something different from the rest of the batch. They wanted to generate employment rather than seek employment. But due to many reasons, they couldn’t start the business at that point in time. Mr. […]

The relationship of husband and wife is unique, and studies show that the US alone has successful 8,00,000 business run by husband-wife duo. Then why not the couples in India also give entrepreneurship a thrilling chemistry by excelling as couple-preneurs! Breakups are quite common now-a-days. The breakups between two co-founders where both spouses run a business dates back to 1975 when Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie broke up quite at the release of the song ‘Go […]

Shakel, Tushar, Abhishek and Bhanu innovatively took a great step towards Digital India. Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India campaign, three revolutionary youth, ShakeelAnjum, TusharBarthare, Abhishek Barthare and Bhanu Yadav made their home villages WiFi enabled without any Government help. They launched the service at Shivnathpura village in October 2015 and extended it to BawadikhedaJagir and Devria on January 2016. Inspiration: The four techies left their fancy MNCs jobs and shifted to their […]

IdeaTreasure Inc. is an idea way to Success Freelance Company, whose base headquarter is in Gwalior(Madhya Pradesh, 474011) INDIA, with an active branch office at Melli Bazar, South Sikkim, 737128. As the name suggests, we are a treasure-box, with lots and lots of creative and innovative ideas to invest on. We are connected with thousands of investors globally to give them best innovative and productive idea where they would like to invest, only if they […]

A few months ago I never knew I would be writing this in 2017. Not because I was anticipating of not being alive, but I never knew that something called ‘The Legit Eye’ would come out of me. Being a regular Law student from LC-1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi and hailing from Middle-Class family, a start-up plan never crossed my mind. Getting a decent Government Job, like any other middle class Indian, was all I had […]

It all started when once on vacation in Singapore, the local waiter there made all the Indian tourists sit separately. When one of the tourists inquired, he commented, “You Indians disturb our privacy.” This came like a blow to that Indian tourist, and she made up her mind to change the perception about Indians among others. With this mission in mind, Asmita Neve-Pawar became a certified Image Consultant to reach the masses. Being a certified […]

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