​Either you win by running fast or wait for right opportunity. For Pooja Shekhawat age (31), who belongs to Jhajhu,  a village near Bikaner(Rajasthan). It was not the case as she was always being a multitasking person who indulge in creating her own way, running on it and then making opportunity to fall in right place. Always enthusiastic to take up new challenges from childhood.

She had gone all out with many failures and didn’t let any stone un-turned while she was perusing her education firstly at Bikaner and then at Indore. She had taken up course related to IT sector and same time keep looking for any possible piece of work. She did completed some very important projects that added milestone in her career.
In year 2009 she got married in Sefraguwar , a village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan and taken up family responsibility over her dreams. Being from a family value system where working came last activity for a lady she kept on her struggle to establish herself. She was blessed with a lovely daughter but even during this period she kept upgrading herself and earned Microsoft certifications, Web development course, graphic designing, MCA (Masters of Computer Administration) etc.
When nothing was turning up as per her choice of work she took up contract base jobs. Contract base job did not able to compensate her for her efforts but to keep her skills sharp she worked really hard.
There after she took a bold step and decided to work for herself and started an IT company       “Megma Services Pvt. Ltd“. Her company provide excellent solutions  in website designing, software development and digital marketing.  During one of the interaction for a task she came in contact with “Rajputana WebSolution” owned by her cousin Mr. Manohar Singh Shekhawat. As she is based out at Delhi and Rajputana was operating from Bikaner so it given a golden opportunity for both these companies. Taking strategic decision they start working together. As they were working in different areas of web solution ,Graphic solution and DIGITAL MARKETING bottom line did added up.
Turning a wheel always use to be a uphill task and so was for her. Lot of failures came on her way, with very tough circumstances. But every time she failed, she speed up herself with same enthusiasm plus husband’s support was boost for her. Soon things start moving in north direction in very short time of 4 months. Looking at customer demand and opportunity they put their third foot print at New Zealand (Auckland). Currently they have 1500 plus client base worldwide. Megma and Rajputana setup a benchmark in DIGITAL MARKETING and they are providing best solutions in web and graphic designing.

Restless efforts and repeated persuasion rewarded her very well. She single handedly started from scratch and walked so far at her own and become successful women entrepreneur in first year of operation. Her magic words for every women “failure will come, but whisper yourself by saying no one can stop me and again stand up” believe me you will achieve success.

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