In a country like ours, where weddings are occasions where not just couple unites but families and relatives reunite as well. In India, wedding is a big affair where more than money, efforts are invested. And here, ShaadiMagic comes in the scene planning your wedding for free minimizing your efforts, cost and time.

Its FREE? Yes, you might not believe your eyes the moment you read the title. In today’s fast pacing world, when even water is not free, this Delhi NCR based team is offering all the efforts for free.

                           wedding shaadimagic

The team, is one of the oldest wedding planning firm in the country which helps the to-be-weds to plan their dream wedding fulfilling their requirements and helping them connect with the right vendors. In all, ShaadiMagic helps one create magic at their wedding so that they can proudly say, ‘My Shaadi, My Way‘.

ShaadiMagic was set up in the year 2011, with the vision of an MBA graduate, Manish Grover, Founder and CEO. With his team, Manish is soon going to launch a travel site, specifically focused for the couples planning their honeymoon. is a bootstrap firm but expanding their services to consumers from every small and big cities in the country. Not only that, ShaadiMagic helps connect a large number of vendors right from caters to photographers, musicians to designers, makeup artists to decorators, etc.

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