The answer to this perennial question is what we’re all looking for. We’ve all been through the whole rigmarole of having to choose between apps on our phones, especially in a situation when we’re really in need of something, or just having to choose between a Swiggy and an Uber app when we’re incredibly hungry and need to go somewhere else right later.


The need to make a choice, when you’re caught up for time, can be incredibly frustrating, most times. AppBrowzer is the world’s first mobile application store for instant apps. Not only does it give you a wide variety of apps to browse through – you can actually use them too – without needing to download or install any of them.


Sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong – with Appbrowzer, not only can you shop to your heart’s content on places like Amazon, Flipkart and much more without downloading them, you can also pay your bills using PayTM, book flights, hire a taxi from Uber, book a hotel room from Booking, or purchase movies tickets from Bookmyshow and more.


There are lots of things you could be doing with Appbrowzer – It has a plethora of instant apps for almost anything you can think of – from restaurants, movies and events – to businesses and even hospitals. Using Appbrowzer, you can listen to your favourite DJ play your song on loop, instantly, whenever you want to – read the news and blogs from all over the world – Be it entertainment or nightlife and even travel – Appbrowzer helps, and how!


Appbrowzer is lightning-fast, all you have to do is just tap – and use the apps without downloading or installing anything.  You can even launch multiple apps, just at the touch of a button. Safety, of course is one of everyone’s primary concerns – but don’t worry, all our instant apps are pre-verified and tested, making them completely safe for use.


Apart from the incredible fact that you can browse all the apps instantly without a need to download or install the apps, most of our Instant Apps are web apps built on our own robust platform, using Instant App SDK’s and provides native app experience to the users.


Some of the instant apps also include progressive web apps that are fast and intuitive to provide the  best user experience. Appbrowzer has a lot of other advantages as well, including:


  • The ease of searching and exploring a wide range of apps for Instant use.
  • It is light, secure and also requires minimal space, RAM and storage.
  • It can be downloaded on most Android devices.
  • All Of AppBrowzer’s instant Apps are automatically updated, so saves you the trouble of doing it yourself.


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