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Spacefields: Dual use technologies for space applications

With the growing demand for space exploration and defense applications, a new startup, SpaceFields, is set to revolutionize the industry. Founded by Apurwa Masook, Sudarshan Samal, and Rounak Agrawal in September 2021, SpaceFields is a Spacetech company based in Bangalore. Their mission is to develop and deploy Dual-use technologies to solve critical challenges in national security and commercial spaceflight. 

All three founders have a deep understanding of the space industry, having been part of the first and only student body in India to have built and successfully launched seven sounding rocket missions. This unparalleled work earned them recognition from the Hon’ble Prime Minister in his Maan ki Baat program and numerous accolades from ISRO, DRDO, and various government ministries. The team etched their names in the prestigious Limca Book of Records and Asia Book of Records. 


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The team has extensive experience in rocketry, with a proven track record of agile and iterative Protoflight execution, allowing them to achieve cost reductions with thrifty execution and workmanship. They are developing dual-use Rocket propulsion tech for critical applications in national security and commercial spaceflight, to cater to burgeoning Space and Defence Markets in India and beyond. This unique positioning in the Aerospace and Defence (A&D) segment offers revenue streams from both sectors.

SpaceFields is also developing a proprietary Aluminium Dinitramide (ADN) based solid green propellant to replace conventional propellants (AP/HTPB), increasing ballistic performance, range, speed to target, and payload capacity. Their products are catered to Defence and Space applications, from Smokeless Rocket-Assisted Artillery projectiles, Surface-to-Surface tactical homing missiles, Torpedo, Cruise missiles and Ballistic missiles, Air-to-air & air-to-ground missiles, micro-missiles, Air Target Imitators & Portable Launchers, to Lower Stage SRMs & Strap-on Boosters for Orbital Launch, Small spin rockets for de-orbital manoeuvres or spin-stabilized spacecraft, Retro-motors & Abort motors for human-rated applications, and Large kick motors for orbital insertions. 

SpaceFields is currently in the process of getting key pilot projects as they explore collaborations with other industries and players. 

As the space evolves, it needs to attract the right kind of patient investors who have their own thesis for SpaceTech/DefenceTech. Companies in this segment also need to navigate the regulatory requirements. 

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