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Striving for sustainability with YourStory’s latest series ‘Techade Builders’

Brand Spotlight

“Solutions to the climate crisis are within reach, but in order to capture them, we must take urgent action today across every level of society”Al Gore, the former US Vice President and Chairman of the Climate Reality Project.

The quote by celebrated author, activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner holds more water than ever! As we see unprecedented progress unfolding all around us, we are also witnessing the depreciating effects that progress is making on our planet and people.

However, there are also a remarkable number of people who are striving towards using technology to make the world a better, more inclusive place; and YourStory – relentless in its pursuit of finding impactful stories – is engaging with this ecosystem that’s driving the positive change!

Our latest series – Techade Builders – will showcase and feature content, conversations and communities that are invested in ‘good tech.’ Launching this February, the series will depict the stories of companies that are using cutting-edge, next-gen tech to ‘preserve and conserve’ while ensuring profitability, improvement in efficiency, engagement and resilience. In addition to business and tech leaders from the world’s most successful brands, the series will also bring forth voices of policymakers, local government bodies, global agencies and bodies, and the common people, in an effort to understand their point of view on sustainable development.

Why should you watch it?

The 12-part series will be a documentary-style storytelling which will offer a 360-degree view on not only the climate crisis but on pertinent topics such as technology being used to address food and water shortage, poverty, unequal access to education and healthcare, and more.

The show will also seek to understand the UN’s (United Nations) 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, and will present the impact it’s had so far on the world. The Sustainable Development Agenda – also known as Agenda 2030 – was conceptualised in 2015, with 193 members of the UN unanimously adopting a plan of action for people, planet, prosperity, partnership and peace, to enable economic, social and environmental change.

To be anchored by YourStory’s Brand Initiatives Lead, Rubin Roy, the first episode of the show features an in-depth conversation with Junaid Aziz, Senior Advisor on Strategic Partnerships & Communication Design at the United Nations Joint SDG Fund. With his extensive C-suite experience of leading diverse teams and designing solutions for the most discerning stakeholders and customer segments, Junaid will be presenting his learnings and insights on how various governments and partners are executing their roles in following the Agenda 2030 along with some anecdotes and examples of heartwarming stories of resilience and success.

The upcoming episodes will feature aspects and topics such as – Role of AI and predictive analysis in reducing carbon emissions, clean technology and energy efficiency, role of data in solving natural disasters, preserving and respecting natural resources while designing and manufacturing in various sectors, and more.

Another feather in the cap

With inspirational storytelling at its core, YourStory was started more than a decade ago as a platform for the startups to share their stories, mission and vision. Over the years, it has developed into a key ecosystem player that’s working alongside enterprises, policymakers, government, influencers and global communities to strengthen the socio-economic fabric of India and contribute towards the growth of the global ecosystem.

Techade Builders joins the illustrious list of successful properties that have been designed by YourStory catering to various sectors and segments of the aforementioned ecosystem.

Techade Builders is a step ahead in YourStory’s vision to be the voice of change and impact.

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