LuvStay is an online portal that allowed unmarried couples to book rooms in renowned hotels for a shorter stay without being judged or asked any embarrassing question. Not just a hotel rooms couples can order customized gifts and directly deliver to their stay to make it more memorable.  Already grabbing the eye by their revolutionary and bold idea.

How did they Start?

There Was Sumit.

Sumit was working in a renowned software company as a Project Manager after graduating from Ambedkar Inst Of Technology. One day he planned to take a long bike ride with his partner to spend some quality time. By evening they want to take rest in an outer skirt of the city, and when they move to hotels, no body willing to give them a room. And when he asked from the reception, the silly answer came that don’t have the policy to give rooms to unmarried couples. Some say due to the difference in religion they can not give him room.  So once he back to city he discussed the nightmare with his friend Amardeep Singh Khichi.

Amardeep Singh

In 2016, Sumit quit his job and decided to give full time to LuvStay when he discussed with Amar. Amar exclaimed and told about his story even he is married but once denied to give a room with local id in Mumbai. So they both decided to work on this great idea.


Mission :-

With the idea, LuvStay decided to expand and recruited Front end developer and search ended to Shwetabh Tiwari. Shwetabh is having long experience in developing and childhood friend of Amar, so decided to join LuvStay as a senior developer.


Hello World:-

After September changed everything for LuvStay. In just short time of deliverable of portal, everywhere everyone is talking about LuvStay. In just six months span of time LuvStay has expanded to more than 15 cities and covers 100 plus hotels under the LuvStay.

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