Online marketplaces have changed the way consumers shop due to the power of 3 D’s: discounts, distribution, and delight, however, as this sector grew by leaps and bounds, we realized its alter ego: Tyranny of choice also raising its ugly head. Today, e-commerce platforms have an overwhelming amount of mass produced products and brands on their website.

Some might say these websites spoil for choice, but if you take a moment to notice how time-consuming it is to go through ten thousand (and counting) products, you will understand where we are coming from. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, then you might save some time, but if you simply pop in an item in the search bar; prepare yourself for an onslaught of choices thrust in-front of you.

To counter this tyranny of choice and to give our users an extremely curated experience is exactly why Qtrove was born. Qtrove sells non-mass produced products from small but amazing sellers and entrepreneurs from across the country. These products are natural and sustainable and not as easily available. Added to this, these products enhance the well-being and social currency of a consumer.

Founder Vinamra Pandiya, An IIT-BHU graduate, started his entrepreneurial days in Pune with Mom’s Kitchen, an online startup that delivered food from its centralised kitchens. Following this in 2009, Vinamra then joined food delivery start up, TastyKhana, that was acquired by Food Panda. Due to his vast experience in the food tech industry, Vinamra realised that he wanted to do something in the curated food space.

Then in late 2015, he put his idea into motion and began to work on a business plan that revolved around curated snacks. However, after a discussion with fellow entrepreneur K. Ganesh from GrowthStory, a company that aids startups, they decided to further the idea by broadening it to include more categories, apart from just snacks. Hence the idea of a curated marketplace was born.

Following this, Vinamra met Prashanth, now Qtrove’s co-founder, who was at the time managing operations for the South for Grofers. Together, they set out to look for small vendors who make unique products that are homemade, hand crafted, natural, and organic. In July of 2016, we soft-launched the Qtrove website, so friends and family could use it in order to give feedback and suggestions. Later that November, after tweaks and final processes, the website went live to the public.

Where is Qtrove now?

As you would’ve guessed by now, Qtrove stands for ‘curated trove.’ We have a diverse network of partner sellers as our website offers approximately 5,000 products from 200 sellers across 40 categories. Not only do we handpick our vendors, but we also curate their products to ensure you get nothing but the best. What also sets us apart is that we give the vendors centre stage so they can share their passion and gain access to a larger audience. Our end goal is to create a trusted and sustainable marketplace where each stakeholder is a winner (consumers, sellers, and Qtrove).

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