If you ask simple definition for the startup, I will say that  “A newly established business.”
According to Wikipedia Startup definition will look something like this.

A startup company (startup or start-up) is an entrepreneurial venture which is typically a newly emerged, fast-growing business that aims to meet a marketplace need by developing or offering an innovative product, process or service. A startup is usually a company such as a small business, partnership or an organization designed to develop a scalable business model rapidly.
Now If you are looking to start your kind of Startup then here’s a list of startups that are popular among the entrepreneurs.

1) Small Business Startups

Most by far of new businesses are still similar old independent ventures. Travel specialists, handyman, circuit testers, craftsmen, retail facades, advisors, and so forth are a portion of the sorts of new businesses that fall into this classification. These types of private ventures battle to hoard the spotlight of the conventional media, however honestly these entrepreneurs act as hard as whatever other new companies in the Silicon Valley. The successful thing about these little businesses is that they for the most part contract nearby abilities and accordingly add to the neighborhood economy. The reason for these new companies is to acquire enough cash to bolster their families. Independent firm business visionaries once in a while make it to the magazine cover. However, they do assume a prominent part in the financial improvement of the nation.

2) Lifestyle Startups

We are presently observing an expanding number of new businesses who are obscuring the line amongst energy and calling. For instance, individuals, who are enthusiastic about drawing, are propelling Animation new ventures as it gives them an ideal chance to do what they specialize in. People who have some level of aptitude in sky bouncing are presently offering to prepare also; this is another way of life startup. The way of life Startup is about seeking after one’s enthusiasm and figuring out how to procure cash through it.

3) Buyable Startups

The cost of outlining and building up a handy based or electronic application has dove substantially, and this has brought forth the new type of Startup Company known as a buyable startup. Some of these new businesses are not by any means searching for customary Venture Capitalists rather they are attempting to raise cash for their new companies by picking edge finding or group subsidizing. In any case, this kind of startup is sold to an outsider after some time as an end-result of a decent measure of benefit. This sort of startup is picking up footing and is well on the way to end up distinctly more prominent in coming years.

4) Social Startups

Dissimilar to different sorts of new businesses, social new companies are not driven by benefit; rather they are roused by an immediate cause. Because social business people are battling for a cause, it doesn’t imply that they are any less energetic about achievement or unfavorable to making the benefit. Not at all like traditional new businesses, the objective of most social new companies is to improve the world a place. In any case, some social new businesses are into riches creation too.

5) Scalable Startups

Versatile Startups are endlessly not quite the same as independent company new sales notwithstanding the way that they too have extremely humble beginnings. Not at all like independent venture new businesses, adaptable new businesses point high. They trust that their thoughts can change the world and the ideal illustrations are Facebook, Twitter, Skype and their preferences. Versatile Startup rotates around a basic yet lovely idea, and they generally search for monetary financial specialists to raise capital for their fantasy thought.
So, These are all the startups that you can search over the internet.
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