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Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal sees ‘no need’ to fill vacant senior-level roles

Zomato’s Deepinder Goyal has said the company sees ‘no need’ to fill vacant senior-level roles, including chief technology officer and head of the food delivery vertical, in response to investor concerns regarding the exits of senior-level executives over the last year.

“Being on continuous ‘lookout for great talent’ is an attack tactic, not a defence tactic,” Deepinder noted in the company’s third-quarter financials announcement, ruling out external hiring for empty positions.

Zomato has seen five senior-level executives exit the company in the past year. In late 2022, three top-level executives resigned from their posts, including Head of New Initiatives Rahul Ganjoo and ex-Vice President and Head of Intercity Siddharth Jhawar. Co-founder Gaurav Gupta also exited the company after a six-year tenure.

Earlier this week, the company’s dining head Aman Priyadarshi resigned after a four-year stint.

Deepinder noted the possibility that the executives who had exited could rejoin the company in the future.

“People leave their roles at Zomato, but Zomato never leaves them. We have so many people in the senior leadership who are on their second (and third) stint at Zomato. They did that once the company’s context changed, or when they changed their form. Sometimes, both. All of this works for us wonderfully,” he said.


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The founder added that sometimes the gaps between an employee’s mindset and the company’s context is such that it is necessary to take a break.

“I attempt to stay true to a culture where I expect every individual, including me, to continuously learn and grow, improve upon their form, and adapt to the changing context,” Deepinder noted.

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